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How Much Does Photo Booth Cost (Price 2019, 2020)

Wedding or Events photo booth services costs $280 to $800.

You want the exact Singapore photo booth price? Our rates starts from $500 for 2 hours and you can expect nothing less than quality prints and service.

There are a few factors that determines the price above (2 hours of photo booth service).

$480 - $800 photo booth vendors

You are hiring not just the high-end DSLR camera, industrial grade printer, props, and photo booth backdrop, but also the overall photo booth experience, designers, and creativity that goes into details of the backdrop to the layout design.

1. Truly bespoke layout with attention to details

Revisions are done almost without limits.

wedding photo booth Chinese Double Happiness
Bespoke photo booth prints

2. Quality backdrop

Designers and curators brainstorm and create a list of initial backdrop designs and put it up for vote. The most popular ones are then selected for print.

Photo booth prices Singapore
Tropical themed backdrop - wrinkle free

3. The Photo Booth experience

Having a themed photo booth setup (wooden enclosure, minimalistic setup, self timer / remote camera trigger) and greatly affect the experience, together with the option for photo booth print sizes.

Photo booth singapore prices
"Wah this one very nice!" - Ben

4. Different print sizes

Your guests will have options to choose their print sizes. Photo booth vendors will also be designing the layout for all print sizes. Cool Polaroid prints for the younger ones, very visible/big prints for the elderly.

"This one (is) so cute, polaroid some more - take more!" - Jasmine

5. Themed and good quality props Most of your guests have experience with a photo booth. Hire photo booth vendors for your event or wedding with quality props, designed in-house.

Props, themed props, more props!

$280 - $400 vendors

Great for events at RC, family day, and carnivals, where your budget has to be stretched out for many other activities.

Standard props like hats, glass, and mask will be provided. Backdrop of solid shades/sequin backdrop will be provided too. Layout are customized with limited revisions. Photo booth setup will be the classic Camera + Screen without an enclosure, only single print size. Single print size and also facilitate with photo booth queue, as it removes option of choosing print size, with will greatly reduce wait time. Now go have fun with the wedding planning - and don't forget to keep the kids occupied too!

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photo booths are a great idea for parties!

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