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Face painting for kids birthday party!

All paintings are done by our artists. 

Check it out!


Face Painting


First hour - $120 

Subsequent hours - $100 


Face Painting + Balloon Sculpting


One hour each - $240 


Unlimited balloons and paintings

Glitter Tattoo

First hour - $150

Subsequent hours - $120

*Subject to availability. Please email or send us a message to check.

Face Painting & Glitter Tattoo FAQ

What products do we use?

For face painting, we use only the highest quality, FDA complaint, hypoallergenic non-toxic and safe for skin. 

Glitter tattoo: It is safe for the skin, the products used are cosmetic grade and the glitter used is 100% polyester cosmetic grade glitter.

How i do i remove products from skin?

Face paint can easily be wash off with soap and water. Light colours comes off with just a baby wipe. Some darker colours will linger. If this happens use a washcloth with soap and cold cream. 

Glitter Tattoo: Any oil based products such as baby oil, rubbing alcohol, baby wipes can be used to aid in removal.

How long does glitter tattoo last?

Depending on your skin type and activity, glitter tattoo can last about 3 - 10 days. Sweat, body lotions and water may reduce the time the glitter tattoo last. 

Can i get my tattoo wet?

Yes your glitter tattoo is completely waterproof, you can shower, swim and once you're done just pat it dry, do not rub as it wears off more quickly.

How much time should i book?

Minimum 1 hour. Estimation about 5 mins per face painting. A rainbow sparkle unicorn will take longer to paint than some stars. Please book enough time so we don't have to disappoint your guests.

When and how do i pay?



We need one table and two chairs. 

It's time for you to leave, but a bunch of extra kids showed up. Can you paint for free and stay longer?

Overtime is charged 30 mins increments. Sometimes this happens despite your best efforts. Please do a head count at the beginning of your party. Here are some options: Ask the artist if they can stay longer. If it looks like more than you planned, please discuss it with the artist. She may be able to arrange to stay longer, but if she can't, she may be able to go off our menu and paint some limited designs to get everyone's face painted.

How far in advance do we have to book?

You can contact us once you've finalise your date and timing for the party. 

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