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Balloon twisting service or balloon sculpting service is the ideal amusement and gift for all kids parties. Makors team provides professional balloon artists capable of a broad number of excellent balloon sculptures, every guest can get their balloon sculptures as a gift and bring it home as an appreciated souvenir! See it with your own eyes why the grown-ups too are lining up for them too! Balloon Sculpting for Kids birthday party - Balloon twisting service or balloon sculpting. This balloon sculpting services accompanies a balloon artist with professional gear. We use best quality balloons for balloon sculpting, to guarantee the service is delivered! 

Kids love balloon sculpting, they look extraordinary on photos, always the highlight of the gathering and doubles up as a present for your guests!

Balloon Sculpting


First hour - $120


Subsequent hours - $100 


Unlimited balloons. 

Advance Balloon Sculpting


First hour - $150


Subsequent hours - $120 


Cartoon Characters, Princesses and balloons that you don't see all the time!

Theme Party Balloon Sculpting


First hour - $140


Subsequent hours - $120 

Everything and anything is possible here!

Super hero / movie characters / princesses 


Need our artists to dress up as your child's favourite character?


Add-on costumes - $70 onwards 


Available: Superman, Batman, Captain America, Wonder women, Elsa,& many more

You may like to see this!

I mean, what are you waiting for! Talk to us now! Hire an awesome balloon sculptor or balloon sculpting artist for you child's birthday party right now by typing this: Hello, I need a Balloon Sculpting Artist. Here. And you are done, wait 23 seconds for a response (okay maybe not that fast, but you get the point). I'll leave you to that! I have to go get busy with these pokemon balloons, paw patrol balloons, these pikachu balloon decorations, minions balloon sculpture... this list is never ending.. well i'll be here, let me know if you need help!

Balloon twisting for kids party
Balloon sculpting for your next even
Bunny balloon sculpture
Balloon gun and balloon artist
My little pony balloon sculpture
Balloon sculpting for kids party
Chase Paw Patrol Balloon Sculpture
Sofia the first balloon sculpture
Balloons after kids magic show!
snapchat hot dog balloon sculpting
Paw patrol chase balloon sculpting
Pikachu balloon art, sculpture!
Mr tickles balloon sculpting, kids
mickey mouse, baby minnie balloon
Frozen Elsa Balloon sculpture
Balloon sculpting and kids party
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