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These lighter-than-air foam clouds simply referred to as FoamKites® , are aerial entertainment and aerial advertisement method, an innovative way to brand company logos and entertain excited crowds in a way never done before at an event.

Now you might be asking, "How does this technology work?" We simply inject a mixture of inert gases into our very own bubble solution, then force the foam through a stencil like a big PlayDough factory.


These foam clouds appear at a rate of one every 30-45 seconds and can hover in the air for up to an hour before simply evaporating. 

What are they for?

Well, they draw a lot of attention that's for sure!

Marketing, advertisement, roadshow, product launch, marathons, family day.

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Foam Kites Makors Events.png


The Foam Kite machine 

1 operator

1 stencil 

What we need from you:
Artwork of your logo


What are foam kites?

Foam kites is a fresh and exciting new advertising medium that uses helium filled foam clouds to provide aerial entertainment for indoor and outdoor events.

What does a Foam kite machine do?
This atmospheric special effect produces man made clouds that can be custom shaped to your logo or theme.

How can we benefit from Foam kites?
Now you can offer something brand new to your fans, guests or clients that will inspire imagination and intrigue. Draw attention to any location and brand your logo in unpopulated space - the sky.

What logos or brands can you do?
Our experienced design team can produce almost any shape or logo If your logo is too intricate, we will examine it and offer suggestions that will attract attention to your event.

Where can this cloud effect be used?
Foam kites can be used indoors and out. Indoor events require ceiling heights of at least 12 meters to produce the desired effect.

What type events have used custom clouds?
This new technology can been used by private parties, grand openings, corporate sponsored events, weddings, soccer games, fairs, carnivals and festivals.

What suggestions do you have to help us utilize custom cloud branding?
The key is to incorporate a presence at the ground level once the crowd is attracted to the location. Foam kites will attract a curious crowd and provides a captive audience for your team to pass out promotional items and invitations to future sponsored events.

Why is Foam kites effective?
Foam kites offers an affordable, eco-friendly alternative for aerial entertainment and advertising.

They will remember your brand when they see it as a cool and exciting cloud
If you have questions regarding Foam kites, please feel free to contact our friendly staff today. 

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