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8 Fresh Dinner and Dance Game Ideas (Easy +DIY)

1. Beer/fizzy drink drinking contest

The classic chugging game, modify it with gifts, forfeits, more challenges. Guaranteed fun at your company's dinner and dance.

2. What's in the box?

Place blindfolds on players and make them pick up specific items in the mysterious box!

Add slime, raw fish, sand or any curious objects in the box to mess with the players!

Dont choose the WRONG box challenge by Free Time

3. Balloon inflating challenge

A simple challenge where 10 of less volunteers come up on stage to see who can pop the balloon the fastest - by inflating them beyond their limits.

Dinner and Dance by Makors Events

4. The Best Dressed - Fashion Show

If you are going for a dress up theme dinner and dance (e.g. Around the World themed dinner and dance), you need to have a fashion show segment, where the best dressed individuals/team come up on stage to do a catwalk - entertaining and engaging.

5. Hashtag printer with lucky draw

Encourage your company to make your dinner and dance event a social one. Improve your company's social media presence with everyone uploading photos to their social media with your company's unique event hashtag.

Have the hashtag printer print out all these photos with your branding on it, our hashtag printer even can randomly pick and lucky draw winner for you by printing out a Golden Ticket together with their prints!

Hashtag printer with lucky draw system.

6. Event photo booth with Live Projection

Have a photo booth with GIF enable! Review the GIF on the live projector and have a vote on the most creative or hilarious GIF to determine the winner. This game will encourage guests to take photos and GIFs from the photo booth during the Company dinner and dance, at the same time have fun.

Storhub - Around the World!

7. Dance the night away

Have a representation from each department to participate. A random piece of music will play and they will have to dance/lip sync to match the song. The most entertaining performance wins!

West Squadron Dinner and Dance

8. The Company Song

Before the company Dinner and Dance have volunteers write a song for the company.

Include inside jokes and jokes to poke fun of the CEO.

A simple set of lyrics sang together with any 4 chord guitar progression will do wonders!

SEACO Dinner and Dance 2018


Makors Events Dinner and Dance Ideas, Events Photo Booth, and Hashtag Printing.

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Great ideas for engaging games for party guests!

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