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6 Excellent Ways to Get the Right Wedding Photo Booth

These days, photo booths have become popular additions to weddings.

Pictures are the best way to immortalize an event and wedding booths help you in doing exactly that.

If they are done well, wedding photo booths can be the highlight of the day and help create beautiful memories, but if they are not done properly, they are just a waste of time and money.

You may think that there is not much involved in putting up a wedding photo booth so how could it go wrong?

The truth is that you can make tons of mistakes that can impact the overall experience.

Luckily, here are some great tips that can help you in getting the wedding booth you have dreamt about since you heard about this concept:

1. Opt for an open booth

Closed booths are a good option when you are taking passport photos, but they are not exactly a nice fit for weddings. Open wedding booths are great because they allow everyone to be part of the fun. They are particularly becoming popular in Singapore. It seems a wedding photo booth Singapore is the first thing they start looking for when making wedding arrangements. A large number of people can fit in one shot. Moreover, positioning at the venue is also easy and lighting is also better, which goes a long way in taking wonderful photos. ​​

wedding photo booth singapore open air vintage

2. Include the bride and groom

The bride and groom are the focus of the wedding so they should definitely be part of the wedding booth as well. Pictures with the happy couple are the best and the booth provides an excellent opportunity to take lots of lovely snaps of the couple with all of the guests.

3. Choose a position carefully

If you put your wedding photo booth somewhere out of the way, you will not be able to get many decent pictures. Instead, you should go with a unique location that allows people to take as many photos as possible. For instance, you can put it somewhere close to the the bar, this ensure all your guests see it, not just the beer.

4. Flattering picture quality and lights

Wedding is an event in which everyone is pretty dolled up and you should ensure that the lighting in the photo booth is flattering. You want it to show everyone in the best light. If you live somewhere in Singapore, before selecting a company for a vintage photo booth Singapore, go over the previous events they have done to assess the picture quality they can offer as this ensures that you are making the right choice. Reason is that a wedding photo booth is among the hottest trends in Singapore, so you will find all kinds of companies, from bad to the best ones.

Learn some important details in this regards here: photo booth

5. Be creative with backdrops

Your backdrop should also be creative and unique; the cooler it is, the more people will want to take pictures in front of it. You can choose custom prints that appeal to you, especially ones that are striking. You can also go for a floral or DIY arrangement if that’s what you want.

floral wedding photo booth backdrop

​​Get this backdrop here: Wedding photo booth with floral backdrop

floral wedding photo booth backdrop white and pink
floral wedding photo booth backdrop white and pink makors events
floral wedding photo booth backdrop makors events purple and pink

Aren't these flower backdrops beautiful?

​6. Be careful with props

You need to have the best props that can spark everyone’s imagination. As you probably have a wedding photographer for the serious pictures, you can choose to go a bit crazy at the photo booth like chalk board signs or custom speech bubbles. Use these tips to have the best wedding booth for your big day.

Let us know what you think! Cheers!

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