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Weddings 101: Ideas That Will Leave Your Guests in Awe

Weddings celebrate love and commitment. It is easily the most important day in an individual’s life and it is a fact universally acknowledged that everyone dreams of having their perfect wedding. Another fact universally acknowledged is that weddings can be a little boring and monotonous. You have the wedding ceremony, the reception, the first dance, the cake cutting, the dinner, the dancing, etcetera; it tends to get quite repetitive over time. So how does one make sure that their party is different and “cool”?

The idea is to keep your guests entertained and happy. Don’t have a clue? Well, we are here to help. Following are our top 10 unique wedding ideas and elements that you can incorporate in your celebration. These will not only keep your guests from getting bored but they will also make your wedding truly a memorable one.

Makors Events photo booth is just what a wedding needs. They are fun, exciting, and versatile because you can choose to go with whatever theme your heart desires. You can set up a range of props that your guests can play with and take cute and fun photographs with that capture some amazing memories.

Sign Boards

Sign boards are always a nice addition because not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they are also very helpful in terms of helping your guests find their way across the venue.

Hanging Lanterns

Hanging lanterns are the rustic and magical element every wedding needs for that effortlessly opulent diffused glow that captures oh so beautifully in pictures and videos.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights like their name are simply magical. The faint sparkling twinkle they omit adds the most gorgeous and enchanting effect to your décor thereby adding to the celebratory mood.

Creative Centerpieces

Centerpieces are such an essential element of your décor. Incredibly versatile, centerpieces are always open to modifications according to the theme. Opt for wild flowers, the classic blooms, greenery or whatever your heart chooses and make your day all the more beautiful.

Customized Cups

A small seemingly insignificant element but it is a very thoughtful and sweet gesture that makes everyone happy.

Kids Table

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a wedding without having to worry about children? A kid’s table is exactly what you need along with people to supervise them so the parents don’t have to worry. If possible, a play area is the best way to keep the children occupied.

Wedding Favors

Get creative and allow your guests to depart with a special memory from your big day in the form of a wedding favor. Try these succulent plants! Really pretty and requires no watering in Singapore's humid weather.

Polaroid Guest Book

Everyone loves Polaroid. Make instant memories and pin them on the guest book for the bride and groom to remember you by.

Advice Coasters

Add a sweet word of advice to the newlyweds with little tips to keep their marriage smooth sailing.

Time to get all Pinteresty! Pick your favorite wedding ideas and make sure your wedding is one that people remember for years to come.

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