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7 Great Corporate Dinner Dance Ideas & Activities To Consider For Your Next Event

We have been to many company events lately and we thought we could share some of our thoughts and ideas!

If you are thinking of throwing a big corporate even this year, you should definitely do your best to make it in style. The truth is, corporate gala dinners are getting boring - and modern companies are always in the hunt for something more creative and better.

Whether it's a milestone celebration, a presentation of a new product/service or just about any important occasion, we are listing the best corporate dinner dance ideas you can consider for your next big event.

Casino Royale Dinner

Why not make everyone dress like James Bond - or a Bond girl? the Casino Royale themed-night is all about sophisticated dressing, elegant decor and everything VIP-organized. You can even put gaming tables and creative stage sets to spice things up. Everyone will be dressed up, so you better add in a photo booth before the event while waiting for it to start! ​But DO NOT hire a photo booth until you read this: Do Not hire or rent an instant print photo booth until read read this

You can never go wrong with black!

Hold fun bonding games here at the casino! More inspiration:


The Oscars

Another great idea for a corporate dinner dance event is the Oscars-themed gala dinner. It all begins with the red carpet, photographers and bright lights - followed by a nice dinner and dance afterwards. You can even give Oscar-themed awards to your best employees.

Make them feel like a VIP!

We are all STARS of our own!

More ideas:


Masquerade Night

A masquerade theme can go a long way once you announce it in style. Basically, you need to arrange everything in your reception such as elegant lights and royal drapes. The dress code should be formal (easy for your guests to dress up!) and everyone should bring - or be given a mask.

Easy to match theme colours.

Have fun with an instant print photo booth!

Bring masks for your guests!

Ideas you might like:


Party And DJs

Don't make your guests sit through a whole night of programme, leave the last hour for them to dance!

Throw a party and focus on dancing rather than dining. And you need the best DJ and the best photographers and videographers to capture every moment of it.

Put some nice lights, good music and party food to get things going!


BBQ Party

Your company getaway can also be relaxed and on the perfect Sunday afternoon. You can rent a barbeque pit from NParks and have a barbecue party and just hang out with your employees without the stress of being too formal. They can even bring their families or partners and you can all have a good time! And no, you do not have to take turns to cook and serve the food, and all smoked and stinky. Hire a BBQ cook and assistant for your event!



If you want to put your best faces forward, you can definitely consider a photo booth at your next corporate party. This fabulous idea will not only let your employees gather and pose in the funniest ways - but will also be a great reason to share a photo or two on their social media (and your company social media with a customized photo booth print out message). Check out: Photo booth back drop ideas you never knew existed With all the shares, likes and comments, your employees will get physically closer and have a memory to take home with them.

In the end, each one of these options demands a proper venue and a guest list as the first step towards achieving them. Once you have those details arranged, it is time to think about how will the invites look like and how are you going to announce your news.

We hope these corporate dinner and dance ideas inspired you to try something new this year!

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