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Why Are Photo Booths In Singapore Still Popular In The Time Of Instagram

Photo booths and printed photos are old-fashioned and is consider stone age when comparing with Instagram and Snapchat. Smart phones are everywhere now, why PAY for selfies that will print out to look like mug shots, when you can always filter, MeiTu, make your eyes bigger, your face slimmer, and post them FREE on the internet ?


But yet we see the great Photo Booth Comeback.

Automatic photo taking selfie machines believe or not had been around for almost a century, not particular in Singapore but in New York, where an entrepreneur made the first photo booth in 1925 and within half a year, 280,000 people had already used it.

We complain about queuing in Singapore. Imagine THAT.

This machines are like the Photo ID machines we have outside malls in MRT station.

But photo booths has got more uses than just taking your passport photos.

Go to any wedding and events website and you will see photo booth companies everywhere, from booths with curtains, to iPads and for us we use the green screen backdrop, now any backdrop is possible with the green screen.

Why aren’t photo booths dead yet?

You can never replace a printed photo with a photo on your camera phone. Photo booths are designed for groups of people to get physically close together, that brings back awesome memories of older generation where they grew up with Neo Prints (those were the days), the grand father of Instagram.

It is something special about having an actual print to take home with you rather than a selfie you might never post on Instagram.

What's new with all the photo booths?

There are so many options to choose from. Our company, for instance, offers a clean and quick photo booth set up, with professional lighting and printers, making you feel like a star in front of the camera. Limitless choice of backdrops, just tell our designers what you need, our green screen will take good care of it!

Some tips tp get a great photo booth shot?

Just be yourself! Grab a bunch of friends and have fun. Photo booth pictures are genuine and you can't edit them, the experience and memories is what excites people and what they need.

You don't get much warning before the flash goes off, you will see how the photos and moments turn out so real and genuine, being in-the-moment

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