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How Long Will My Balloons/Balloon Sculptures Last? (Balloons Containing Air)

How long can balloon sculptures last?

Everyone wants to know.

Although the lifespan of a balloon is dependent on a lot of different factors,

We can get some answers through experiences of our balloon artists, here are some numbers!

Round balloons (11" latex balloons, etc)

  • 7 to 10 days indoor (without air conditioning)

  • 10 to 15 days indoor (air-conditioned )

Indoors referring to no exposure to direct sunlight or heat!

Long balloons (Sculpting balloons, 360s etc.)

  • 1 to 3 days indoor (without air conditioning)

  • 3 to 5 days indoor (air-conditioned )

These balloons deflates at a faster rate as pressure in it are greater compared to round balloons.

The Sun

The sun is the balloon's worst enemy!

Balloons turn cloudy/loss their shine when exposed to sun. Don't bring them under the sun for more than 5 minutes.

When the balloon turns cloudy, it weakens and losses its elasticity and that is exactly how they will pop!

Most balloons are bio-degradable, good for the environment but it also means the won't last that long.


We have no idea how this works, but rain, water, and moisture on sculpted balloons make them pop easily.


Balloon sculptor's professional balloon shine spray,

For bigger sculptures and balloons, this spray will allow the balloon to retain it's shine even under the hot sun so the balloon will look super fresh!

It also prevents the balloon from popping so easily!

Wrapping them in plastic gift wraps.

Shields the balloon from the sun, and away from moisture. Make it airtight and your balloons are now even more protected!

Check out how long Helium Balloons last here!

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