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How Long Will Helium Balloon Last? (Helium Balloon Float Time)

Here's a chart to tell you how long your helium balloons will last.

Helium balloon float time

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Should I inflate my balloons fully?

Do not inflate your latex balloons to it's maximum capacity. Allow room for the gas to expand as there is bound to be a change in temperature when transporting the balloons.

Are the float time mentioned above accurate?

Float time mentioned above is an estimation and varies with different environmental factors. We will not be held liable for any under-performance!

What is Hi‐Float?

We use Hi-float to prevent helium gas from escaping the balloons quickly. It is a water-soluble, non-toxic liquid inserted into the balloon and spread around.

It is safe to handle without gloves, but getting it on your clothes will be a nightmare to clean off.

Can I inflate my balloons the day before my event?

Latex helium balloons usually don't last too long, apply Hi-float if you wish to do that.

Foil balloons usually last longer so you may inflate the balloons the day before the event or kids birthday party.

We inflate our balloons an hour before delivery, to check for leakage and defects.

Can I rent a helium tank and blow up the balloons myself?

Yes, we don't provide helium tank rental, but you can rent 10L to 40L sized helium tanks to fill your own balloons.

For kids birthday party, it is best to order a bundle of balloons straight from a balloon store rather than renting a helium tank. These tanks can inflate hundreds of balloons and it is not worth it for small kids birthday parties.

Is helium gas flammable?

No, helium gas is not flammable. It is an inert gas, and is not very chemically reactive.

Can I suck the helium out of a balloon to make my voice sound funny?

Yes you can. but don't do it, it can be fatal as it displaces oxygen you need from your lungs, also known as asphyxiation.

Do not allow children to use the helium tank or helium gas without any adult supervision!

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