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Why NOT To Hire A Balloon Sculpting / Artist For Your Kids Party


​The Reasons Why Not To Hire A Balloon Sculptor or Artist

Yes you heard it. This is not a joke. Well, here are some points that might convince you to not hire a balloon sculptor or artist for your child's birthday party:

A distraction in the party

Balloon sculptures and balloon twisting is an awesome way to entertain your guests, and the balloons can also double up as door gifts for kids and even your friends you invited. However, during elaborated birthday parties and events with games and activities, children are observed to have little interest in other activities, they are never behaving and sitting still to have their meals when it is time to eat, and always pestering parents to get another balloon for them.

However, we have experienced countless successful events with a balloon artist in it, the solution is simple, if it’s a carnival, bring in fun and new games to be equally entertaining, such as dunking machines, to keep the kids entertained. In a birthday party, you can always have the balloon sculpting or twisting, or even a magic show to take care of all the kids!

Make sure you are not unnecessarily wasting money on kids magic show.

Creating an uncontrollable crowd

A balloon sculpting artist at any event would certainly mean attractive a big crowd, an in turn attracting more attention and more crowd. This is very undesirable if not managed properly, however we simply have to organize the crowd to form a line to wait for their balloon sculptures.

This will ensure that everyone in the event or birthday party will be treated fairly and receive at least one balloon sculpture. Balloons can be a very effective marketing tool if used properly, leverage on the long queue, and get as much attention as possible to your brand or product.

When you don't manage the crowd well.

Stealing the birthday child’s limelight

Balloon sculpting artists are often dressed in colourful and friendly attire/costumes, they make fancy balloon sculptures, and everyone loves them. Everybody’s attention will mostly be on the balloon artist, guessing what animal he/she is sculpting, and get amazed by their speed and skills.

However, taking the attention off the birthday child and on to the balloon artist can be great, it allows parents to leave their kids in line for the balloon sculptures, so they can catch up with old friends in the party. This makes it easier for the party host, when it is time for games or cake cutting, the balloon artist will simply make an announcement and everyone will get the message right away!

Our kids magic show involves some help from the birthday child, this will give the child the attention he/she needs! Let your child show off his or her magical powers and be the star of the show!

Rejecting adults guests

Not very surprising to see adults queuing up for balloons at a birthday party, however, balloon artist gives the priority to the kids and always cater to the adults towards the end. Adults will be moved to the end of the queue and we are very sure they will understand!

And of course, everyone will receive at least one balloon in a birthday party. Balloon artists can create a multitude of balloon sculptures, from flowers, head wear to their favourite cartoon characters, there is no doubt why people of all ages are queuing for balloons!

Unable to make more balloons

Balloon sculpting artists always arrive at any event or kids birthday party earlier, hence they are always very time conscious. And to do that, the balloon sculpting artist have to be leave on time, to be fair to the next client. The balloon artists’ schedule has been planned out and they have to meeting their timings, to travel, have their meals, hence they are always on their watch. When there is still a queue towards the end of the event, the balloon sculptor will have to cut the queue, unable to make more balloons. However, balloon sculpting always make sure that everyone in a birthday party receive at least one or 2 balloon sculpture before leaving for the next party!

Sorry, no more balloons - we are out of time!

We provide affordable and excellent balloon sculpting services and related kids party service. Our balloon sculptors are experienced with now only sculpting balloons but interacting and entertaining people. We create our balloon sculptures with quality balloons, and each sculpture is made with 2 or more balloons!

With love, The Makors Team

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