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Why Are Kids So Fascinated By Balloons?

Kids are just like that, and everyone knows! But just, why? Yes, balloons can be sculpted into Disney princesses, cartoon characters, animals, anything imaginable by the kids and they love it. But is there more to it? For a start, we all know that kids are not after the same things as to adults, their values that drives them are definitely different. Everything they do is driven by the curiosity, fun, and new experiences.

Kids with balloons and happy

It's New

And everything they see, every moment the experience, every act in life is new and yet to be explored or experienced. Meeting balloon sculptor for the first time is just as much fun as doing to the zoo for the very first time!

It Does Not Make Sense

Although an inflated balloon can be big, it doesn't have the weight that most similar sized objects have, they don't really understand the physics of this, and this extraordinarily discovery made by kids can entertain them for hours! A huge axe is now so easy to throw. A giant sword that does not do actual harm. They are just so different from everyday objects and toys. Throw a ball and you can probably hit what you targeted but throwing a blown up balloon really hard, you will be really lucky to even get it to pass 1 meter!

It is Weird

This act of holding something that big without breaking a sweat gives makes them very happy. It is a weird experience but satisfying, however short the duration is!

Total Freedom

This is the only time they get to get whatever they want from the balloon sculptor without asking for permission! There are no rules to this "game", no end goals, no limit, the can create what ever they want! Balloon sculpting is the best of imaginative play.

Developing Interests

Asking for a certain type of balloon or given a endless choice of balloon sculpture, kids get to manifest in their interest. Automobile, animals, art, science, martial arts, cartoons and so on!

It's Makes Them Feel Important Just like toys, balloons make them feel important. What can kids do without balloons at a party? Think about this: when kids play with balloons, in their mind they are working an doing their job. They feel important and belong somewhere in the party or family. Remove the toys and balloons/balloon sculptures and they will feel sad. They will feel out of place and don't belong to anywhere!

The next time you stop kids from getting so much balloons, think about what balloons mean to them! Cheers! P.S. This is based on rational and experience, not on research or science!

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