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The Only List of Backdrop Ideas That's Worth Your Time

We get it. Hiring photo booths with customized beautiful backdrops are just too expensive. You just want a DIY backdrop for your photo booth to brighten up your party. We have been producing ideas and surfing the net for ideas for years and this list is carefully chosen based on difficulty, how readily available the materials are in Singapore, time it will take, skill - it's a list of very doable projects, you just need a little more time and patience. Pinterest ideas look so good, but it's trickier than anything else. The key is to find the balance between aesthetics, cost, difficulty, and time taken. We have chosen this list, the list you only need if you have limited time, a tight budget, and rusty art and craft skills.


Use you child's toys. Check your company's store room. Look for anything bright coloured and fun looking. You have some gifts from the past event of party that you totally forgotten about it, use that! Pick the bigger items first to take up as much space as possible on your wall, if you are buying items from a party store this is going to save you more money.

Source for your items at party shop, EzBuy, Carousell (our favourite), Daiso and SKP. Get a wide variety of items, that is the key to fun and creative backdrop. And now all you need is some tape!


Coloured Plates Backdrop

This one will take only 30 minutes to set up. Incredibly effective too!


Geometric Backdrop The secret to any kind decoration: simplicity. Simply designs that are neat are eye pleasing, and they don't have to cost too much! Do people read these text? Maybe I should stop writing..


Fringed Scalloped Backdrop This is just genius. Get a few friends to help you out with this and your backdrop will be ready for your 21st birthday party.


Ombre Tissue Paper Backdrop

The colours! Just look at it, perfect for a wedding photo booth.

Too much work for a backdrop? Let us know, we might be able to help!


Sprinkle Balloon Backdrop Using sculpting balloons to make little balloons that look like donut sprinkles, why didn't we think of that?


Giant Number Balloon Backdrop Materials you will need: 1. Balloons

2. Tape There is no typo or missing text, that is all you need! Get your balloon supplies here.


Balloon Wall Backdrop Another one will regular balloons and sculpting balloons!


Record Wall Try not to use your old CDs and DVDs for this project, it will look rather awful.


Cloud Backdrop This is great for photographers, experimenting with different backdrops to create the perfect shot.


Post-it Backdrop We finally found a use for all those free Post-it we collected over the years!


Rainbow balloon backdrop

Get sculpting balloons from You can also find them in Daiso and larger Cold Storage supermarkets.


Floral Balloon Backdrop


Bats on the Wall Backdrop




Leaf Backdrop


Heart Backdrop


Retro Emoji Stickers Simply download the images from the link below and put them up on your wall!


Floral Typography


Rain Drop Backdrop


Yarn Backdrop


Vine Backdrop


Gold Balloon Backdrop


Giant Balloon Heart Backdrop


We will be adding more ideas and project we find easy to do here along the way, thanks for viewing! Cheers!

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