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10 Ways to Save Money on Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Do you agree when I say that: Things are way too expensive now and I don't want to spend a on bomb on my child's birthday! The truth is, we can still organize an awesome birthday party with a limited budget. You can even have a birthday party every year for each of your children.

1. Colour theme Get solid blue paper coloured cups, napkins, paper plates and utensils instead of Disney Frozen paper plates. Themed plates are much more expensive especially plastic ones. Also use coloured balloons to decorate your function room, here are some good ideas. Single colour theme birthday party makes the party look neat and represents the cartoon character, movie more accurately. If you REALLY want themed plates then you can get them just for your desserts and cakes.

2. Don’t compete with other parents Don't give your kids the sense that your are competing with other parents. Children will definitely want what their friends have once they get older. But by talking to them an educating them about money and saving, it will be easier to communicate with them when they get older. There will always be parents throwing more expensive parties and any other parent, but that does not mean that it's going to be better! Find out what your kid likes and what the other kids are into and you will be surprised by how much they will enjoy themselves. 3. Know what the kids like Parents often stress over how expensive the party is going to be just because it's a cartoon character themed. It is true that every piece of decoration and snack will be more expensive when it is themed, always ask what the kid wants exactly. This is to ensure that you don't buy unnecessary themed decoration or food. Some kids just want a Stars Wars themed balloon, a Paw patrol theme balloon sculpture or Pokemon balloon sculpture. In that case, hire a balloon artist, the balloons can also double-up as door gifts for the kids invited! 4. Make things yourself One of the best parties we have been to are the simplest ones, where decorations are done by parents, beautiful and full customized for the child's birthday party. Save money buy making your own cupcake toppers, invitation cards, customized goodie bags. You just need some craft paper and glue! Some DIY projects you can try: Make your own pinata! Use these free printables to decorate your party Buy and print the decorations yourself are a very low price!

5. Keep it simple We have been to this party that was not decorated at all, there were lots of kids and family around. It was in their home, the simplicity of the home, soft music and the beautifully food displayed was enough to brighten up their home. On the table was this perfectly displayed chunks of meat, hams, breads of all shapes and sizes, salads, fruits etc. And people were just making their own sandwiches, the kids of course had a lot of fun creating their little pieces of art before eating them. Then they had a balloon artist and the cake at the end. A very simple but memorable party for all of us!

That is it for now! Let us know if you have more ideas! Cheers!

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