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Why You Should Hire a Photo Booth

Photo booth for hire, Singaore

Why hire a photo booth when we take perfect photos with out smartphones, or we could just hire a photographer, wouldn't that be the same?​

Photo booths has been really popular with weddings and company events in the recent years and it seems to be getting more popular with every year. The fact that photo booths are getting increasingly creative, with printable GIFS, high speed printers, funky props with perfect lighting, it looks like photo booths are here to stay and it's going to be awesome. But what are the perks of hiring a photo booth? We spoke to our clients and their guests and here is what we got: The Best Moments & Memories Photos capture the moments and memories that mind and heart will sometimes forget. Having a photo booth will allow you and your guests to create their own picture perfect moment, where they can be themselves without any feeling of awkwardness with a photographer. The photos double up as door gifts where guests will definitely keep them, reminding themselves of all the happy moments they shared during your special day or event.​


Guests often find themselves lost, and have no idea what to do during pre-reception, or waiting for any event to start. They get bored, they will be filled with negative vibes so do them a favor and use a photo booth to counter that! A photo booth is the perfect tool to entertain your guests, and it will definitely help you to relax, so and maintain your composure so you can focus of the things that matter the most, making sure the event is smooth sailing, and all the guests are happy! Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are getting more and more creative, long gone the days of salt and pepper shakers wedding favours, we having retro candy and snacks, cute little jars of honey or even sandals for a beach wedding. Couples are always looking for new and unique ideas. By having a photo booth, the photos becomes a unique customized gift for each guests. It is also a chance for the guests to finally relax and have some fun after a long week at work!


Make use of the photo booth and get rid of the formal guestbook. Couples and companies are now going for more informal and casual style of event, and the photo booth will be a great addition to compliment these style! Save those happy moments, get a stylish and fun book to keep those photos! Fun Photo booths are super fun! It's suitable for everyone from the youngest to the oldest of the guests, you will even find the young and old getting together to have some fun with the photo booth. It only takes a moment to get fun photos, but with unlimited prints, let your guests use the booth again and again, get creative, with each photo session getting funkier and funkier!

There we go, hopefully we gave you some inspiration to spice up your event and wedding! One last thing, do NOT hire a photo booth until you read this! Cheers!

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