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How to Get The Most Out Off Your Wedding Photo Booth

The most effective way to entertain your guests while providing souvenirs would be hiring a wedding photo booth. Most of the wedding photo booth vendors provide unlimited prints, but sometimes this is not enough to get the crowd going. Here are some tips to maximise photo booth usage at your wedding day.


Make it Eye Catching.

Make sure you get yourself a professional looking backdrop, with bright lights to attract all the attention.

Photo box. No cameras visible!

A neat and tidy photo booth setup would also entice your guests, without a obvious, giant camera pointing at them, they would feel the most comfortable and the smiles will turn out more genuine.

Great lighting, even better smiles!

Where to put the photo booth.

Any where with good foot traffic, and spacious to accommodate the queue. That means areas near the entrance, cocktail area, and before the main hall or event.

If your venue is a hotel or restaurants, the managers will have a designated photo booth area, these spots are tried and tested to be the best photo booth location to maximise photo booth usage!


Beautifully designed prints

We use themed print out templates, customized to your liking! The 4 print sizes to choose from also means that your guests will be coming back to try the other sizes :)


Photo booth album

A simple guestbook coupled with coloured pens can greatly increase the use of the booth! Most photo booth vendors allow extra prints for the the photo album guestbook, at the end of the event, you get an album full of fun!



Make sure your photo booth as got a large variety of props, displayed on an individual table. "Aiya, dunno what to choose la NVM i come back later" Also make sure the props are neatly arranged, so it is easy see and pick up.

Using props with confidence!

We make sure our props are sanitized before each event.

We also prepare photo booth props that are suitable for your event! e.g. chinese new year photo booth,wedding photo booth, dinner and dance.

That's all for now! Cheers!


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