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Uni students enjoying hashtag printer
Hashtag printing singapore

Youths in Singapore and all over the world like it or not are the drivers of new technology and enablers of new contemporary markets. Your ideas must be entertainer, refreshing and at the same time cost effective (for clubs and CCA groups with limited fund). The hashtag printer fits these criteria of being refreshing, simple, mobile. accessible, and entertaining. The hashtag printer is an extension of the Instagram platform.

Now why do students prefer the hashtag printer over photo booths?

ULTRA QUICK- Photo booths printers we used at Makors Events are quick, but what is quicker is the total elimination of QUEUES. No more queuing up for your photos, snap a picture ANYWHERE and use ANY filter!

NO BOUNDARIES - Photo booths limits the creativity students, and students don't like to be told what to do. Use ANY of your favourite filter/stickers/handwriting to create your perfect, or perfectly meme worthy photos before printing.

INSTANT GIFTS - Those crazy selfies with friends during college fests or the ones clicked during the fresher’s party when students dress to impress – Hashtag printer allows the user to use to turn these memories into picture perfect personalised gifts.

CONTEST MODE - Start a contest/lucky draw, our hashtag printer software will generate your desired number of winners for your event. Users will receive a Golden Ticket and this HYPES the event up real good.

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS – The hashtag printer encourages users to gather friends for a photo and tagging them on the spot. Now your friends won't complain about why their faces don't appear often enough in your Instagram feed!

Why Marketers/ Brands should use Hashtag Printer while doing promotion in Universities?

Hashtag printer doesn’t take much time to become the centre of attraction. So now the brands can stop worrying about getting the crowd and start worrying about how to manage it.

The small space brands have open house, carnivals, road shows and booths will not hold back the power of hashtag printer. It’s small and easy to operate and can manage an event of just about any size.

In a time where social media is always content hungry, user generated content by the hashtag printer is a blessing. User generated content comes increases your chances of going viral as all the participants will tag you in their social media post with the given hashtag -

Your brand gets free organic social media reach to thousand or even millions of users, even if content don't go viral.

Hashtag printer doesn’t waste time and space during setup, just like it doesn’t take a lot of time to become the hot spot and the crowd favourite at all the university events.

If you are not convinced enough, forget everything above and remember this:

Everyone loves free stuff especially when you are a student!

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Wow, I did not know universities were switching to hashtag printers!

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