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4 Reasons why you need photo booth at events

1. Ideal for corporate event

If you’re to host an event, event photo booth will be an enjoyable way to go, using it to your advantage, making sure that your guests have an exciting and unique way of capturing their memories. Additionally, it can promote the brand campaign, by adding a little fun to it, you can customize your logo and props to be printed out in different sizes and themes with the likeliness of lasting a lifetime. Whether it’s a fanciful event or an award ceremony, it will be a memorable one as it’s a worthy souvenir for guests to take home. Also check out: 7 ideas you need to see for corporate dinner and dance.

Taking photo in a photo booth
RICS 150th anniversary photo booth

2. Share the moment

This gives everybody the opportunity to gather in a group with one another with our huge variety of props and backdrops that will incite hilarious interactions. Not forgetting our flattering, professional lighting system to capture all peeps in their best angle. Other than getting a hard copy, we will issue a link where everyone can download their photos from the photo booth and upload to social media.

instagram photo booth wedding singapore
Photo booth @ wedding

3. Customizable backdrops

We have a selection of backdrops for you to choose. If nothing catches your eyes or you want something special with a message on it, fret not. We can customize + design to your liking, whether if it’s for a theme party, award ceremony, DnD.. etc. Everyone will have a wonderful time, posing for the camera with the lovely backdrop.

Event photo booth photo taking
Servcorp Xmas party, wrinkle-free with their very own backdrop.

4. Product launch

Are you launching any new products at your corporate event or tradeshow? By having a photo booth, it’s an excellent way to boost brand exposure at the same time people will be attracted to buy the products. Photo booths are like honey to the bees, especially when the prints are unlimited. Eg, you can rent our photo booth for 2 hours during the special sales event, customize the prints with a discount or coupon with your company logo/label. Customers will recall how impressive your company is, and what a steal they received when they look at the photo. This will increase brand awareness, boost of sales and remind clients how impressive this event is. Need backdrop printing? Check it out here. Cheers!

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Hi do you do photo booth for kids party and weddings too? Looking for backdrop printing too thank you.

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