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5 Amazing Event Themes For Your Next Visit Of The Photo Booth Singapore

Havana Cuba Theme Photo Booth

If you have ever visited us at the Photo Booth Singapore, you probably know how much fun and entertainment goes in each one of your corporate gatherings.

At the same time, visiting us one time does not mean that you should not book a photo booth party in Singapore again. Believe it or not, photo booth parties can be done with different event themes - and are always fun and exciting for any company or business.

If you ran out of ideas for your 2018 corporate dinner and dance retreat in Singapore - or you just want to book a party at the Photo Booth Singapore event, don’t worry. Below, we are covering the best event theme ideas that you can gear up with before taking your favourite photos in our booth stand.

So, let’s get started.

1.Summertime...and the living is easy Have you ever seen your colleagues wearing shirts inspired by tropical motives? Or shorts and flip flops - combined with crazy sunglasses and great hats?

The truth is, no one likes to overdress during summer. So, bring up the best of your beachwear and arrive at our Photo Booth Singapore to catch the moment on film!

2.The James Bond Gala

If you are booking a gala dinner with formal attire, a photo booth in Singapore can be the perfect way to spice up all the formalities during the event.

You can give the gala a nickname ‘James Bond’ and carry your toy guns and 007 sunglasses while arriving at our photo booth. Just like in the spy movies...only with your colleagues next to you.


Ready for the gameday? Throw on your favorite jersey and show everyone what team you are cheering for in the upcoming season. This can be a casual idea with a lot of cheering - whether your city has a soccer or a basketball team.

This may even make you more friends from your office - or ‘game buddies’ that you can take on the next game with you!

GD Group Gamesday Themed Dinner and Dance

4.Under the sea

No you are not just limited to Spongebob and Finding Nemo decor! Book the event space outside the S.E.A Aquarium, bring your kids along if it is a family event and try out the discovery touch pool in the aquarium.

5.Havana Cuba

Want throw a unique party? Try this super chill Cuba theme party! Dress up in vintage and colourful clothes ,think of off-shoulder necklines, swirly skirts, and ruffles. Just look at how did it at Aria rooftop bar! Our vintage photo booth fits perfectly in this theme event. ​​​​​​

We hope that these event themes helped you book an appointment in our Photo Booth Singapore. We are waiting for your call!

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