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How To Hold Your Kid's Party In Your HDB Flat

Tight space, tight budget!

40sqm of living room space is definitely not enough, but should that prevent your from throw your children's party at home?

We have held many kids party and entertainment in HDB flats throughtout these years and believe it or not, they were very successful and pleasant!

How you might ask?

We will be sharing with you some tips and ideas hopefully to inspire you to throw the next awese birthday party for your children!

How Much Space?

The average space we have in our living room is about 40 sqm, measure it yourself, and you can accomodate about 20 adults and 10 kids for kids party.

Provided you move the big furnitures away, like your sofa, and replace them with stools, tall chairs and even bean bags. Very much dependant on the theme you are having!

And of course, having more flexibility with the seating arrangement helps a lot when it comes to organizing and hosting games, kids party entertainment and children's magic show.

Theme Party

I bet you already have an idea of what theme you want.

Your kids are probably obsessed with this character at this point of time, everything from TV, to stationaries and backpack, they have to see their favorite characters.

Chase from Paw Patrol? Robocar Poli? Disney Moana?

Children's party planning is much easily when you have a theme around it.

Go on Pinterest, get inspired, get the creative side working and DIY your way to an awesome party theme!

The last thing you want in a party are bored kids.

You won't have peace, you won't have time to catch up with old friends.

You don't want them to resort to mobile games either.

Keep them entertained and away from you with balloons, easy. Let our kids party magician make balloon sculptures for them, it will take some stress off you.

Let the face painter beautify the little girls, and let the boys become they favourite super hero.

And of course the children magic show, designed to keep them still and entertained for the whole duration, the kids will finally leave you in peace!

The Food

Let's talk Pros and Cons.


  • No need to prepare food, clean, set up.


  • Takes up a lot of your limited space

  • Lots of food wastage

Prepare on your own:

  • Snacks for guests, ensures that they don't go hungry. And also reduce food wastage.

  • Budget friendly

  • Flexible menu. Think of preparing your favorite dishes and sharing it with everyone.

  • Provides a personalized touch to all food

Space! These rows of food takes up a lot of space and guests will not be able to finish so much food.

Have a small selection of food and snacks. Your favourite recipe of homemade pasta with fresh tomato sauce, pan fry sausages, fish fingers, chicken nuggets, delicious homemade jelly.

You will be surprised how well received your personalized dishes are (our experiences at many parties)!

Isn't this :

Much better than this ?

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