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Balloon Decorations on a Budget (Kids Birthday Party)

We can all agree that paying balloon decorations and helium balloons is a little too much for a small party!

Sometimes we just need quick and effective balloon decorations to set the function room up.

Here we share some DIY kids birthday party decoration ideas you can use in your condo function rooms and clubhouse!

These balloon decoration will make your children feel extra special on their birthday - even on a tight budget!

Pastel Balloon Wall / Backdrop

Here's a fun project to do, and we promise that it's much easier than it looks!

What you need:

  • 11" Latex Balloons (5-7 colours, we use primarily pastel colours here)

  • Fishing Line (Get it from Popular bookstore, Decathlon, Stationary shops)

  • Sewing Needle

  • Clear tape or Double sided tape

  • Mini Paper Honeycomb (Optional)


  • Blow up the balloons to varying sizes (no bigger than size of a basketball)

  • String the fishing line to the sewing needle and secure with a knot.

  • Thread the needle through the balloon nozzle, alternating balloon colors and sizes.

  • Lay the string of balloon on the ground, arrange balloons up down, and out towards you to the desired shape. Secure the balloons to each other by using the tape at the balloons' contact point.

  • You may not get the shape you like at this point, continue to tape them up till you achieve what you what.

  • Fill up empty spaces at the balloon nozzles, between balloons, by taping small balloons or mini paper honeycombs.

It's that simple!

Set it up on the wall with tape, above you cake table.

Notice that no helium were used here, it's super affordable!


Do not over-inflate the balloon. It will look like a pear, we what it to be round.

Release some air and it will start to take shape.

Final product!

Super easy to do, and it's perfect for kids birthday party, baby showers, 21st birthdays and so on!

This will last quite long, check out how long this balloon decoration can last here.

Balloon Clusters

This balloon decoration is by far the simplest and fastest to set up.

Set it up in your condo function room, near the guard house, to direct them to your birthday party, you don't have to pick up calls and guide the guests in anymore!

We are going to show you how.

What you need:

  • 11" and 5" Latex Balloons

  • Zip ties, 150mm long will work (Get it from a hardware store, Homefix, etc.)

  • Clear tape or Double sided tape

  • Fishing line.


  • Inflate the balloons fully.

  • Thread the 11" balloon with zip tie through the nozzle, get 10-12 balloons in a cluster.

  • Do the same for 5" balloons to make a smaller cluster.

  • Hang up on the ceiling with your fishing line

  • Alternatively, secure them on the wall with tape.

Remember to snip off the excess zip tie to make it look neat!

Add in ribbons and use bright colours for maximum effective!

Linking Balloons

We found this linking balloons are a carnival and thought that is it really useful for quick assembly of balloons! You can find them here.

What you need: Lots of 11" Link-o-loon balloons!

Blow the balloons up to size, and tie the nozzle to the link at the top of another balloon. Alternate the colours and link ~ 20 balloons together.

You can have them in different sizes, just make sure the whole string of balloons are of the same size!

How you can decorate your function room with this:

Hang them off the ceiling, over the door way, and over the cake table. Throw a bunch of round balloons on the floor and you have yourself a unique party decoration, your guests are going to love it!

Engage a balloon twister, a kids party magician, to set the complete tone for your birthday party!

This list will be updated constantly, so stay tuned!


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