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DO NOT Hire a Children's Magician Until You Read This

Seriously, don't hire them until you see this. But why do we give such advise when we are providing kids party packages and services?

Leaves no time for fun and games.

Having a kids party magician monopolizes the time the children would otherwise be spending on playing fun party games, such as “pin the tail on the donkey", musical chairs and other inane entertainment.

While the parents sit back and relax, taking a break from their stressful lives, your talented and professional children’s magician will put on a show-stopping magic show that will leave every single child with their jaws hanging on the ground! Each trick will have both the kids and adults amazed and certainly not bored at all! Oh yes, our magic show is tailored for kids and every moment is full of participation and interaction. Check it out here!

Just another insignificant kids party.

Children are young, easily distracted, fickle and always forget even the most important events (like their own birthday parties) easily.Having fun entertainment like a kids party magician or a balloon sculptor is therefore a silly idea.

Of course, capturing on camera the enthusiastic and passionate atmosphere that only a skilled magician can create lasts forever. These treasured moments are what any happy childhood is made of. Don't just get a cake and call it a birthday party! Get some entertainment and take some pictures, these are evidences of how awesome a parent you are. It is really useful for bragging and also to get your kids to listen to you!

Creates more expense and stress for the parent.

Hiring a magician just sounds so expensive so why even bother finding out the cost and details? It is far better to host your child’s party yourself by personally sourcing the food, preparing it yourself, setting up the decorations and then figuring out how you will keep the kids entertained for hours on end.

Check out why we give advise like these.

But hey, having a magician or balloon sculptor at the party actually decreases your stress levels as they take care of all the games and entertainment and keep the kids happy at the same time. In addition, companies such as Makors Events (us) offer really inexpensive packages and you will often end up paying less than you would have had you decided to go it alone! Cheers!

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