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15 Tips to Encourage Kids to go Outdoors And Play (Easy)

I think you'll agree with me when I say: It's REALLY hard to get the kids off their iPads to go out an play. Or is it? It turns out that you can get them off their devices.. and even get them to pick up healthier hobbies all together. In this post, we are going to show you how! ​Parents definitely want the best for their children In the ever changing world that is moving so fast, we unknowingly get ourselves and our children in to lifestyles that might not be too ideal.

Let's take a look at what has changed since the invention of smart devices.

20 years ago, we would not even imagine having to chase our children outdoors to play. With children right now stuck to their iPads, iPhones and computers spending more than 40 hours a week on them, together with the increasing school work in Singapore, doctors and experts are starting to observe negative effects ranging from obesity, myopia to the reduction of cognitive development.

Children in Singapore are grown up and a fast paced and pressure environment, take a step back and detach them from their electronic umbilical cords and let them play! And if you think it would be dangerous for the kids to be playing at the playground, this idea of risk-taking play has been encouraged by Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong:

Playgrounds are just one of the many ideas to get them active outdoors. Here are more ideas to get the children started! And once they are outside, they are pretty self sufficient as their imagination starts to take control! We have come up with some ideas we find particular exciting as a child and also some tips by other parents, Check it out:

  1. If you live in a Semi-detached or a landed property, create a child-friend backyard by having basketball hoops, a garden, and a small play ground. Or even your own golf course - Be creative!

  2. Give children a place at home, or in their bedroom where they can display things they find in the nature, their mini treasure hunt where they find treasures they want to keep.

  3. Give them tools to help them with treasure hunt and discovery, they will get really excited. A magnifying glass, a bucket, shovel, and a bicycle for them to explore the neighborhood.

  1. When the children are out at nature parks and trails, let them decide which path to take, allow them to explore but stay near them for safety! Do not interfere unless needed or ask by the kids.

  2. Spend more time outside, take walks to the mall, food court instead of the taking the bus.

  3. If your child gets curious about a certain landmark or nature spots the see on the web or heard from friends, research on it and take them there!

  4. Make full use of the parks, trails and fishing areas around your neighborhood, bring them to cycling at the park, prawn fishing.

  5. Let them keep small fishes like guppies as a reward from catching fishes or prawns!

  6. The identification game. Give them leaves from plants and trees you pick up while they are not looking, allow them to keep the leaves and find out where they came from.

  7. Give the kids a tree and animal identification book to aid the learning and exploring process.

  8. Allow the kids to run through big piles of dry leaves but make sure it is safe!

  9. Let the kids catch and collect insects, find a place where they can display them.

  10. Exercise their psycho-motor skills play bringing them out for kite flying, a game of basketball.

  11. Get them toys they can play outdoors. A simple ball will do the trick, or get a remote controlled flying drone provided that they are old enough to operate safely!

  12. Organizing an awesome birthday party for them, invite all their friends together so they can enjoy a magic show, balloons where they will talk about about for weeks!

So there we go! These are 15 tips to encourage the kids to go outdoors and play. Leave a comment if you have any great ideas we can get to the list! ​

​They will not get used to having lesser time on their devices but they will definitely enjoy themselves outside and thank you for it in the future! Cheers!

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