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((TOP)) Download Ebook Analisis Laporan Keuangan 312


download ebook analisis laporan keuangan 312

2.3.4 2.3.4 Ways for indicators Electronic However, the level of electronic, online, internet-based services is relatively low, due to the lack of information systems, lack of digitalization, and technology readiness. It mainly serves as a cost-saving measure by reducing the cost of collecting and processing data. So that, there is a need to increase the use of electronic information to improve monitoring and compliance. At least, the civil servant is in possession of an Internet connection, and the end-user can access information, whether at work or home. If the right standards are not available, it can be an alternative and more effective way to analyze the financial statement. The problems are: in addition to the current lack of digitalization, namely basic infrastructure on access to computer and computer resources, there is also the need for standards to be satisfied. Financial The ability of electronic recordations and processes is limited by financial reasons. This makes it difficult to apply a method that requires the use of a computer. If the financial situation is weak and performance is insufficient, the use of computers will not be accepted. Electronic recordations and processing systems must be available and able to support the use of computers. Electronic processes are cost-effective because the preparation of data and analysis is more efficient and there is a decreased need for human labor. These processes are labor-saving, as analysis is automated. This is particularly relevant in the financial sector, where the execution of processes is oriented towards automation and computerization. The process can be automated to improve the speed of reporting, accuracy of reports, reduce processing costs, and reduce the cost of maintenance and configuration. Impact of standards and regulations However, in countries where information systems are still weak, standardization is not available. Standards and regulations are needed to guide the processing and reporting of financial information and to show the importance of reporting. Standardization increases the uniformity of financial reports, and consistency with the reporting format. There are also standards and regulations that serve to establish the rules and procedures in the execution of the report, such as the types of reports that are acceptable, certification procedures, proper arrangements of the financial performance of the organization, the quality and consistency of data, to ensure the truthfulness of information

Analisis Laporan Keuangan 312 Ebook Full Version Zip Pdf


((TOP)) Download Ebook Analisis Laporan Keuangan 312

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