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Company Dinner and Dance Photo Booth Ideas

So you are assigned to plan for this year's company dinner and dance and have no idea where to start?

Photo booth.

What has photo booth rental got to do with my company's dinner and dance?

Get this one item right to set the mood right for everyone!

The prints also double up as door gifts, what a steal.

Around the world themed photo booth:

Around the world photo booth singapore

Being in a multinational company can be fun, especially during your annual dinner and dance! Get everyone to dress up in the ethnic attires, get to know each other and have fun at the photo booth.

Everyone is dressed so brilliantly, the photos will definitely be mesmeric and memorable.

Christmas party themed photo booth:

​​ Enough said. Having an event during December? Christmas themed photo booth it is!

Sports themed photo booth | Olympics themed photo booth:

This is by far the most comfortable theme yet! You get to dress up in comfy sports wear, everyone is looking so casual, setting the mood right for everyone to have fun during and after the photo booth session.

On top of that, all the guests are now dressed ready, no excuse to let loose and participant in ridiculously funny games hosted by your Emcee.

White and gold themed photo booth:

Matches with every outfit your guests wear.

For more photo booth ideas, enquiring and questions! See

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