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DON'T Hire A Photo Booth Until You Read This (May 2018)

Now that I have got your attention, I have some good news and bad news. I think you will agree when I say: I want to hire a photo booth, but I just don't know which one to choose!

We don't know either. No one knows.

BUT if you ask the right question, or look for the right places, you can easily differentiate and determine what's inside of the photo booth, to get the best of out your photos. If you don’t ask the right questions beforehand, you may not find out you’ve chosen the wrong option for your event until it’s too late.

It is true that guests will still enjoy even the most poorly operated photo booth as long as it prints out good photos, a photo booth is almost guaranteed FUN.

You are here of course to make a decision, so let's go through some tips to understand more about the insides of the photo booth to make a better decision.

1. What camera do you use?

DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) cameras give the highest quality photos. The huge cameras you see photographers carry around. The DSLR has better sensors compared to phones and compact camera, together with a good lens, the results will be stunning.

The point is not to get the photo booth with the most expensive camera. A skilled photographer can take really awesome photos with just their photo.

The point here is not to look for a company with expensive equipment, but to find out what type of camera the photo booth is using. The reason? If they’re using a DSLR, you can assume that it is for quality. If they’re using something else (hopefully not a webcam), find out why they’ve chosen that camera. The point is to know what you are paying for. If they don't use a DSLR, ask if there's a reason. The photo booth might be a compact one, and the savings on the camera can also be passed on to you - if you don't mind grainy photos.

If a DSLR is used, ask if there is a need for a DSLR. We have answered that question of course.

2. What printer do you use?

Ink Jet printers and Dye Sub (Dye Sublimation) printers are the 2 types of printer suitable for event photo printing, due to the nature of it's speed. The outcome of the photos from these 2 printers are almost identical to regular eyes, but to create the photos, it's 2 different processes. Ink Jet printers spray tiny ink droplets on the paper. Dye Sub printers use heat to transfer dye onto the photo paper.

Ink Jet prints are usually not as durable as Dye Sub prints. Wet when emerged from the printer, vulnerable to smudging. Dye Subs fuse a thin glossy laminate on each photo protecting the photo booth print from discoloration from UV light and the atmospheric air, while giving it water-resistant qualities. Dye Sub prints are also completely dry right out printer. I mean we can go on, but these are the main ideas that is most important to our guests.

When they have an Ink Jet printer :

  • Best to have 2 printers working together. Waiting time will be shorter, and there will be no wait at all when changing cartridges and paper.

When they have a Dye Sub printer :

  • This is the fastest printing technology, 8 seconds per print, twice as fast as an Inkjet printer.

  • Companies will try to spend less on paper and cartridges when they have slower printers such as an ink jet printer (longer print time=spend less). But of course the guests

3. How many photos do we get?

No, unlimited print does not mean that you can print 50 of the same photos! This is biggest misconception with instant print photo booths.

Unlimited prints means that your guests can go into the photo booth to take photos as many times as they want during the hire period.

Photo booth companies usually charge if the offer a print for each guest (5 people in a photo, 5 prints will be printed). This also means that you will require to hire lesser hours and making sure all the guests go home happy with a print. You can save more, and also have all the photos taken before you main activity of your events, or right after the event. Tip: 2 hour photo booth with unlimited reprints is equivalent to 4-6 hours of photo booth single prints. 4. Final words

The camera, type of printer and the number of prints are often the main factors affecting how much your are paying for the photo booth, and also the quality of the work flow (if they are using a software to print the photos automatically or manually printing the photo from the computer). DSLR camera with a professional lens - A photo booth that can capture crisp images, even when there is motion, this is important so as to capture laughter and candid moments. We can go into details but it would just be really boring.

A Dye Sublimation printer - prints are smudge proof, fade proof, ready right after printing, faster, and possibly more expensive than a photo booth using a Ink Jet photo printer.

Now you are armed with all that knowledge, email and question them away!

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5. So.. What do you use and why?

Oh I almost forgot to talk about our photo booth and how awesome it is - Our aim at Makors Events is to ensure smooth flow with our photo booth, accompanied with awesome quality prints without the wait. How do we achieve that: We use Nikon DSLR cameras with F1.8 lenses. The fastest Dye Sub printers on the market. And of cause the "brain" of the photo booth - the software, integrating the camera, computer and printer to achieve automatic printing with minimal wait time. It's magical.


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