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Don't Waste Your Money By Hiring a Magician

No, you did not just say that. Don't waste my money hiring a kids party magician? We give people advise like that all the time, but why would we say that when we provide children's birthday party magicians ?

There is a trend we noticed, that's when we started giving this advice. People start to hire a magician for ALL occasions. It might not be suitable for the crowd, bad experiences with magicians, a good magician for the wrong occasion. There is no one to blame, really.

Of course, we still believe that the greatest kind of entertainment for children's birthday party would be a magic show, with a good magician, How do we know if the event is suitable for a magician? Here are some tips that may encourage (or discourage) you from hiring a magician. Does it suit my event?

We were talking to a customer the other day, a very nice lady about entertainment for her 3 year old kid and classmates, whether the magic show is suitable for the kids.

Of course it can be done, but we have to understand that magic tricks are taking reality, and twisting it. At the age of 3, the kids are still learning about reality. We can't impress them when they don't full understand what we tell them. The magician and perform the greatest rope trick ever but if we show it to a a group of kids that can't even tie their own shoes, it is never gonna work. They simply cannot understand, although you might get a few giggles once in awhile. The giggles are of course out of politeness, or when the see something funny like the facial expressions but never from the actual trick. You will also frequently see confusion all over their faces.

It is just like our teachers back in primary or secondary school, using math terms to crack a joke. We laugh to be nice. Do keep a look out for advice from magicians or the companies that will make suggestions like that to you, providing alternative entertainment like balloon sculpting, instead of a magic show. We respect entertainers and companies that do not accept jobs that are not suitable, or if the entertainer realised the he/she is not qualified enough for the job.

Do you have a budget for a magician?

We all have to be honest with ourselves when it comes to budget. Understand why the hiring a magician cost that much is very important. The worst thing you want to avoid it to spend all your budget on a magician, and realise that you could have spent it on food, or somewhere else. This expression represents our thoughts a hundred percent: You get what you pay for. Bargaining for a lower price for a magician is a bad idea, you might end up hiring an inexperience artist that have close to no experience dealing with a group of super active and restless kids. Especially when there are lose props and balloons around. You will spend half the time (okay maybe just a couple of minutes) watching the magician trying to control the spread of chaos.

Not to worry, magicians are generally really good with people and kids. Just do a little research, and you will know from the range of prices, which are the ones to avoid. Research Google is mankind's best friend nowadays. I don't we need to give you advise on this, but do a quick research over the internet and check out the websites other than the ones on page 1 of the search result (there might be really good deals on page 2 onwards).

Bad experiences Bad experience can deter you from hiring another magician. If you are reading this because you had a bad experience, or if you are planning for a birthday party, give yourself and the entertainers one more chance by following the tips mentioned. This article might not change your mind completely, but if we can at least made you feel better just by a little, that's a pretty good start!


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